21 07, 2017

Three Simple Steps Towards Happiness


Two of our most unique capacities as human beings are that we possess the facilities of self-reflection and freewill. This means we have the ability to look at where we are, where we’ve been, and decide where we want to go. While this certainly sounds easy, the catch is if you don’t trust that changing your thoughts, behaviors, beliefs, and actions will produce a change, then nothing in your life will actually change. Why? Because this lack of trust means you’re anticipating the same experience, and that anticipation creates the same emotion. This is the irony, as well as the [...]

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9 07, 2017

The Pugilist and the Ego


Even thus by the great sages 'tis confessed The phoenix dies, and then is born again, When it approaches its five-hundredth year; - Dante, Inferno, Canto XXIV   According to Egyptian mythology, every 500 years the Phoenix self-immolates, meaning—it voluntarily lights itself on fire so that it may be reborn as a greater expression of itself. It’s for this reason why I chose the symbol of the Phoenix for our back-to-back June Advanced Workshops in Cancun, Mexico, and for this reason why I named the event “Transformation of Matter.” I wanted our students to focus on completely burning away the things [...]

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