31 03, 2018

The Habit of Your New Self


In order for us to create something new in our lives, we have to leave behind a portion of the known and familiar. This includes familiar thoughts, behaviors, emotions, and sometimes even relationships. For most people, leaving behind the illusory security of the known and stepping into the unknown can be a terrifying place. This is why change is so hard. It’s also why it’s so important to make your meditation practice a part of your daily routine. In teaching this work all over the world, I often times find people forgetting the reason why we put so much effort [...]

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16 03, 2018

You want to change your life? It starts by making a different choice


There are three types of stress—physical, chemical, and emotional. By the same means, there are three types of balance—physical, chemical, and emotional. Since all three of these elements are connected to the vessel of the body, my experience as a healthcare provider for more than 30 years has been that if you are able to get two out of three imbalances back into balance, the third one typically comes around. If you can assist your body into more chemical and emotional balance, it will be more prone to return back into physical balance. As the body moves into more physical [...]

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2 03, 2018

Processing A Biological Upgrade


At two of our most recent weeklong events—but especially in Santa Fe—upon leaving the workshop many people experienced flu like symptoms ranging from sinus congestion and mucus to body aches, soreness, fevers, coughs, and malaise. Some took antibiotics or drugs, while others went to see a doctor or visited the emergency room. Although the doctors couldn’t diagnose the conditions, for many of our students the doctors confirmed it wasn’t the flu or bacterial. So the next question is: What were people experiencing after the Advanced Workshop? The answer is a change in body frequency. The inner workings of cells are [...]

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