26 10, 2018

Moving On and Getting Over


Part I. Moving On   It’s inevitable that at some point in our lives we will all experience traumas, defeats, and the loss of important relationships. The harsh awakening of these experiences causes the very foundation upon which we believed we were building our future to crumble beneath our feet. One day you think you’re living in your dream, the next you discover it’s the wrong dream—and yet you keep forcing or trying to make it work. When you are in pain and suffering as such, you have one of two choices: Succumb to the difficult emotions that cause you so [...]

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11 10, 2018

The First Open-Label Placebo Study Produces Remarkable Results


A placebo is a pharmacologically inert substance that is used as a control in clinical trials. The placebo is capable of causing positive health effects on certain sick individuals—especially if they do not know that they are receiving an inert substance (eg. water, sugar) and believe it is a real medication. This has long been known to the medical community, but Ted Kaptchuk, a professor of medicine at Harvard Medical School and one of the leading researchers on the placebo effect, wanted to take his research one step further. He thought, what if instead of deceiving people to the fact that they were taking a [...]

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