21 12, 2018

Year End Roundup: An Interview with Dr. Joe Dispenza (Part I)


By Tim Shields You and your team just completed the first full year of seven-day events. From where the work was a year ago (with the workshops being four-and-a-half days) to where they are now (with the workshops being week-long events), how has the work evolved? The whole purpose of changing to seven-day events was because right around the end of the original four-and-a-half day advanced workshops, which was usually on Saturday or Sunday, people started to have miraculous, wonderful, transcendental experiences. These experiences led to mystical moments, healings of both the mind and body, and the creation of wonderful [...]

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6 12, 2018

Life – The Great Initiation


One way we can look at life is that it’s a series of events designed to challenge us to make decisions and choices. In this regard, we could say life is an initiation or a test. To pass an initiation is to take what you have learned (philosophy, theory, knowledge, and information) and apply it towards an event or decision. If done correctly, this should provide us with a new experience that’s different than the routine life we live. New experiences arise when our behavior matches our intentions, when our actions are equal to our thoughts, and when our mind [...]

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