15 02, 2019

Free Will or Predeterminism? Join the 28-Day Challenge to Find Out.


Please note: This is an ongoing challenge and there is no sign up. It starts when you start. Is it possible to create your destiny? Can you become the master of your fate? Do we actually have free will? Or is our life predestined from the cradle to the grave? Since Descartes in the 17th century, all the way to quantum physicists today, the intellectual argument and resultant division has always been about the heated topic of free will versus predeterminism. So how do we unify the two? Actually, it’s quite simple. For all of our students who have attended [...]

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1 02, 2019

A Practical Guide to Chasing the Mystical


There are four states of consciousness: wakefulness, sleeping, dreaming, and the transcendental. The transcendental state of consciousness is a state of awareness that is often associated with mystical experiences, and it’s the mystical that allows us to experience another aspect of the self. To say this another way, this means we have to transcend the known self to experience some other aspect of our potential unknown self. To get beyond the known self is what begins to fill in the mystery of the self, and that moment awakens us to our journey back to source. In other words, there is [...]

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