28 03, 2020

Quantifying Transformation and Telling the Story: Part II


Most recently at our workshop in Indian Wells, California, we conducted a study with 32 people, each of whom agreed to have their brains scanned before, during, and after the weeklong meditation retreat. As mentioned in the previous post, we drew pre- and post-blood samples from the same volunteer test subjects. To measure different values and baselines, some of the brain scans included pre-event scans with the students’ eyes open, eyes open on a task, eyes closed, and eyes closed in a meditation. Students that were involved in the study were also divided into a novice group (less than 6 [...]

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13 03, 2020

Part I . Quantifying Transformation and Telling the Story


Over the years, in witnessing the transformational experiences in our community, I was inspired to assemble a team of research scientists to begin measuring the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual transformations that we once thought were immeasurable. Last month, we began a new phase of scientific testing at our weeklong workshop in Indian Wells, California. In addition to continuing to share powerful and inspiring testimonials, the goal of this next phase of scientific research is to document, at a more detailed level, the genetic, chemical, magnetic, and electrical activity that occurs within the body and brain—the result of which produces [...]

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3 01, 2020

Jackson Pollock’s Journey Towards Fractals


“The modern artist...is working and expressing an inner world—in other words—expressing the energy, the motion, and other inner forces.” Jackson Pollock When the American painter Jackson Pollock began pouring and dripping paint across canvases in the late 1940s and early 1950s, his work at first appeared to be completely random. In a relatively short period of time, however, he garnered the public’s attention, and with that came critics who were eager to interpret his abstract, avant-garde style. “We have a deliberate disorder of hypothetical hidden orders,” one critic wrote, “or ‘multiple labyrinths.’” In 1999, a physicist named Richard Taylor from [...]

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27 09, 2019

A Return to Scientific Testing


For the past decade, we have been performing extensive scientific research and measurements to demystify the process of personal change and transformation. The evidence we’ve gathered points to a formula that, when followed, directly affects people’s biology. Amongst countless other results, what we’ve found is that by people simply changing their thoughts, feelings, behaviors, and energy, they can produce profound positive effects on their genetic expression, neurology, immune system, longevity, heart and brain coherence, and overall health. When we began changing our events to weeklong formats, we changed the direction of our scientific testing by introducing a challenge activity. The [...]

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29 03, 2019

New Measurements, New Possibilities: Part I.


At the conclusion of each advanced Week Long event, my team and I always wonder if it’s really possible for us to witness even greater degrees of transformation, miracles, and personal change, yet two weeks ago in Bonn, Germany, just over 1400 people from 43 countries (with an additional 93 countries represented in our live stream) participated in what has to date been our most outstanding Week Long event we’ve ever hosted. From the outset the group as a collective was very focused, very sincere, and very willing. In addition, I personally felt like I articulated a lot of the [...]

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29 09, 2017

What We Accomplished in the Last Five Years


This September we held our 19th and final Advanced Workshop, marking the end of almost five years of scientific testing. Of the 700+ students in attendance at Indian Wells Resort in Palm Springs, California, 82% were first time participants. The group was excited, enthusiastic, willing, and coherent. As a result, the energy we recorded in the room broke all records of our previous workshop measurements. In addition, according to our Sputnik measurements, this particular group’s pineal gland meditation was one of the best ever. As usual, we had volunteer students—interested in furthering scientific discovery—connected to heart-rate-variability monitors to measure heart [...]

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15 09, 2017

Telomeres: The Biological Clock in Our Genetics


Our bodies are made up of approximately 60-100 trillion cells. Every cell contains a nucleus, within which exists our chromosomes. Humans have 23 pair of chromosomes and chromosomes contain genetic information to be passed on called DNA. At the very tip of these chromosomes are tiny little strands of DNA called telomeres—biological clocks buried in our genetic makeup that science previously thought had a finite existence. Every time a human cell divides, it makes a copy of its DNA. The problem with cell division is that DNA replication isn’t perfect and so it skips over the end of each chromosome. [...]

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15 04, 2017

Peering into the Universe’s Origins with the Webb Telescope


On April 24, 1990, astronomy changed for good when the Space Shuttle Discovery rocketed into space, carrying aboard it the Hubble Space Telescope. Hubble allowed us to look deep into space to see galaxies, not as we perceive them today, but as they were when the light we are perceiving escaped them—sometimes millions, sometimes billions of years ago. You can think of that light like a postcard traveling through the mail for a very, very long time. When it reaches us, it has a story to tell. Eventually, when Hubble’s peering eye reached the outer edge of its limit, the [...]

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30 09, 2016

The Nature of Nurture and the Nurture of Nature


Have you ever wondered why, despite our best efforts, certain situations cause us to act like our parents? While we often think of this as a learned behavioral mechanism, new research by Dr. Brian Dias from Emory University points to nature playing a role, suggesting it’s possible some information is biologically inherited through chemical changes that occur in DNA. He came to this conclusion in a study which uncovered the fact that mice can pass on learned information about traumatic or stressful experiences—in this case, a fear of the smell of cherry blossom—to subsequent generations. This provides compelling evidence for the [...]

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25 06, 2016

The Greatest Unsolved Mystery—Evolution


Human evolution is perhaps one of the most fascinating unsolved mysteries there is. While it’s a scientific fact that we did not evolve from Neanderthal but coexisted with them, something seismic and unexplainable occurred in our evolution somewhere between 250,000 – 300,000 years ago. As animals and species evolved, their brain mass enlarged at the same ratio as their lungs, liver, stomach, and the rest of their physical structure. Most mammals reached the height of their evolution in brain complexity and mass around 250,000 years ago. Early humans should have developed and plateaued at the same rate as other animals [...]

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