11 10, 2018

The First Open-Label Placebo Study Produces Remarkable Results


A placebo is a pharmacologically inert substance that is used as a control in clinical trials. The placebo is capable of causing positive health effects on certain sick individuals—especially if they do not know that they are receiving an inert substance (eg water, sugar) and believe it is a real medication. This has long been known to the medical community, but Ted Kaptchuk, a professor of medicine at Harvard Medical School and one of the leading researchers on the placebo effect, wanted to take his research one step further. He thought, what if instead of deceiving people to the fact that they were taking a [...]

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28 09, 2018

Prayer Changes Everything Part II


In Part I of Prayer Changes Everything, I talked about the fact that while many people possess the intent of their prayer, many others miss the corresponding emotions that go with it. I can’t stress this enough—the elevated emotions you feel when thinking about the fruition of your prayer are imperative to its manifestation. In a sense, traditional prayer is an ask, and that’s the problem. If you ask, you are in lack because you are wanting—and wanting means you don’t have it. If, however, you get up as if your prayer has already happened, you’re no longer in lack because [...]

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14 09, 2018

Prayer Changes Everything


People often ask me why their prayers seem to go unanswered. To answer this question, we first have to ask ourselves, what is a prayer? A prayer is a thought that possesses the quality of directed intention. It’s holding a specific outcome in our minds with the objective of connecting to a greater power for assistance. Because prayer and faith tend to go hand in hand, we next need to ask ourselves, what is faith? We could say that faith is believing in thought more than anything else—more than the current conditions in our present-personal reality or any challenges in [...]

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30 08, 2018

Creating a New Baseline of Love Begins in the Heart


When we experience traumatic incidents in our lives (or an accumulation of repeated  similar incidents) such as pain, loss, abuse, and so on, the strength of the corresponding emotional quotient turns on a survival center in our brains. That center is called the amygdala. Because the experience was painful, the activation of the amygdala serves to protect us from the situation happening again. In other words, it’s an unconscious response to an external situation designed for self-preservation. The more times you experience the trauma, or revisit on a daily basis the emotions of the suffering caused by it (that is [...]

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17 08, 2018

Accessing the Infinite Database


If you’re familiar with my work, then you’ve probably heard me say that the quantum field is made up of infinite frequencies which carry vital information. But today, I want you to consider this invisible field beyond space and time in a new way: Think of the quantum field as one big, invisible database, and the way you can access the information contained in this huge database is through your central nervous system. When we connect to the quantum field—that place where all new potentials exist as possibilities not yet materialized into our 3D reality—our nervous system becomes like an [...]

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7 08, 2018

A Review of The New Human Story


By Tim Shields Two hours before the ballroom doors opened at the World Trade Center in Mexico City, a line several-hundred people deep snaked throughout Mexico City’s convention center. The excitement was palpable, sending waves of electricity throughout the enclosure. It was 8:23am, Saturday, July 27th, 2018. In attendance were 3,000 plus men, women, and teenagers hailing from several continents, countless countries, and all walks of life. They were gathered to bear witness to The New Human Story, a two-day symposium featuring Dr. Bruce Lipton, Dr. Joe Dispenza, and Gregg Braden, a trio formerly and affectionately dubbed The Three Amigos. [...]

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2 08, 2018

Up Close and Personal with Dr. Joe: An Interview (Part II)


By Tim Shields   When you began this work, did you ever imagine you’d be seeing the results that you’re seeing? Has this always been your vision or has it exceeded your vision? I always believed that all of these supernatural and amazing miracles we’ve currently been witnessing were possible. But now that we’ve seen people heal themselves of chronic health conditions, create objects out of nothing, and have super cool synchronicities, opportunities, new jobs, new romances, as well as new adventures appear out of nowhere, I want it to become the new normal. I want this new way of [...]

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19 07, 2018

Up Close and Personal: An Interview with Dr. Joe (Part I)


by Tim Shields   You said the workshop in Cancun was the most successful workshop to date and the model for all others to come. What made it so extraordinary? I think the Cancun Week Long Advanced Retreat was a nodal point in my own personal journey and career. This was our 5th Week Long Advanced Retreat this year and all along we’ve been laying down footprints. As a community, we’ve been making breakthroughs in consciousness, and like the four minute mile that paved the path for other people to follow, like a current in a river moving down stream, [...]

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6 07, 2018

Let Your Past Life be a Past Life


I’ve learned that one of the main reasons people talk poorly about their past is because their present life isn’t working. For most people, living in the safety and comfort of the known past is a lot safer than stepping out into the unknown future. Living in the past also validates all of the traumas and betrayals we’ve had in our life, not to mention it makes for a great excuse why we haven’t been able to change. What most people don’t realize, however, is that when we excuse ourselves for someone or something, we give away our power to [...]

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22 06, 2018

Coming Home: Tips for Integrating Your New Personality Into Your Old Personal Reality


So many people tell me that the hardest part of going to an event is leaving it. The reason why is because when you return to your everyday life, that’s when the real work begins... the work being the process of integrating your new personality into your old past-present personal reality. With that said, here are some practical tips on how to do just that—although, these tips apply to any time when you want to make real, lasting changes in your life. Most importantly, do the work and do it every day. Don’t make excuses to not do the work. If [...]

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