15 02, 2019

Free Will or Predeterminism? Join the 28-Day Challenge to Find Out.


Free Will or Predeterminism? Join the 28-Day Challenge to Find Out. Is it possible to create your destiny? Can you become the master of your fate? Do we actually have free will? Or is our life predestined from the cradle to the grave? Since Descartes in the 17th century, all the way to quantum physicists today, the intellectual argument and resultant division has always been about the heated topic of free will versus predeterminism. So how do we unify the two? Actually, it’s quite simple. For all of our students who have attended an Advanced Workshop, every month through a [...]

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1 02, 2019

A Practical Guide to Chasing the Mystical


There are four states of consciousness: wakefulness, sleeping, dreaming, and the transcendental. The transcendental state of consciousness is a state of awareness that is often associated with mystical experiences, and it’s the mystical that allows us to experience another aspect of the self. To say this another way, this means we have to transcend the known self to experience some other aspect of our potential unknown self. To get beyond the known self is what begins to fill in the mystery of the self, and that moment awakens us to our journey back to source. In other words, there is [...]

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17 01, 2019

Great Books To Start Off a Great Year


For some time, many people have been asking me for a reading list. As a way of adding another level of coherence to our ever-growing global community, periodically I’m going to provide a list of books that are either science related or just good, expansive stories. I hope everyone’s 2019 is off to a great start!   The Red Lion: The Elixir of Eternal Life by Maria Szepes Although a hard book to find in paperback or hardcover, The Red Lion is available in digital formats. This is a great story of a soul awakening who has to face all [...]

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3 01, 2019

Year End Roundup: An Interview with Dr. Joe Dispenza (Part II)


By Tim Shields So how have you changed personally in the past year? I think the biggest thing for me is that I am falling more in love with the work, with what we’re doing, and with our wonderful community of individuals. I am constantly thinking of new ways to stretch our culture in novel, methodical, and organized ways that are still within the realm of their acceptance—within the realm of the next level that they can stretch to and ultimately execute. I really don’t want to do anything else. I’m not interested in keynotes or conferences and I’m not [...]

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21 12, 2018

Year End Roundup: An Interview with Dr. Joe Dispenza (Part I)


By Tim Shields You and your team just completed the first full year of seven-day events. From where the work was a year ago (with the workshops being four-and-a-half days) to where they are now (with the workshops being week-long events), how has the work evolved? The whole purpose of changing to seven-day events was because right around the end of the original four-and-a-half day advanced workshops, which was usually on Saturday or Sunday, people started to have miraculous, wonderful, transcendental experiences. These experiences led to mystical moments, healings of both the mind and body, and the creation of wonderful [...]

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6 12, 2018

Life – The Great Initiation


One way we can look at life is that it’s a series of events designed to challenge us to make decisions and choices. In this regard, we could say life is an initiation or a test. To pass an initiation is to take what you have learned (philosophy, theory, knowledge, and information) and apply it towards an event or decision. If done correctly, this should provide us with a new experience that’s different than the routine life we live. New experiences arise when our behavior matches our intentions, when our actions are equal to our thoughts, and when our mind [...]

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21 11, 2018

Thanksgiving and Authentic Gratitude


At our workshops across the world, we begin each meditation by opening our hearts. When we do this, I always monitor our student’s energy and observe what they are doing. Surprisingly, I often find that it’s very difficult for most people to open their heart and really feel an elevated emotion such as gratitude. It usually takes them a few days to finally be able to fully surrender into the feeling. I was especially mystified by this at our last event on the Sunshine Coast in Australia a few weeks back. It caused me to wonder, why is it so [...]

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9 11, 2018

Moving On and Getting Over Part II


Part II: Getting Over It At the end of any relationship it’s easy to blame the other person, create countless reasons why it didn’t work out, or make it their fault or your own. But when we do this, we are unconsciously returning to our old programs that cause us to be the victim in our life, rather than the creator of it. From an objective biological perspective, this automatic thought process means you are allowing someone or something outside of you to control how you think and how you feel. When it comes to trauma and loss, we have [...]

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26 10, 2018

Moving On and Getting Over


Part I. Moving On   It’s inevitable that at some point in our lives we will all experience traumas, defeats, and the loss of important relationships. The harsh awakening of these experiences causes the very foundation upon which we believed we were building our future to crumble beneath our feet. One day you think you’re living in your dream, the next you discover it’s the wrong dream—and yet you keep forcing or trying to make it work. When you are in pain and suffering as such, you have one of two choices: Succumb to the difficult emotions that cause you so [...]

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11 10, 2018

The First Open-Label Placebo Study Produces Remarkable Results


A placebo is a pharmacologically inert substance that is used as a control in clinical trials. The placebo is capable of causing positive health effects on certain sick individuals—especially if they do not know that they are receiving an inert substance (eg. water, sugar) and believe it is a real medication. This has long been known to the medical community, but Ted Kaptchuk, a professor of medicine at Harvard Medical School and one of the leading researchers on the placebo effect, wanted to take his research one step further. He thought, what if instead of deceiving people to the fact that they were taking a [...]

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