21 11, 2014

The Nocebo Response


A few years ago a woman we’ll call Mrs. S went to the hospital for some routine tests. Mrs. S. had a heart valve condition called tricuspid stenosis. She also suffered from a milder form of congestive heart failure. Neither condition was considered life threatening. The treating physician, Dr. Bernard Lown, examined Mrs. S. and found nothing out of the ordinary. Later, another doctor accompanied by a host of residents doing routine medical rounds with final year students and interns, examined Mrs. S. At the end of the visit this same doctor announced in front of everyone – including Mrs. [...]

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10 11, 2014

Journey to the Netherworld: The Advanced Followup in Seattle


A creative expose by Syvonne Kozuch Enjoy images from our recent Advanced Followup Workshop that was held October 31st - November 2nd, 2014 over the Halloween weekend in Seattle. This was truly a journey inwards - a crossing between this shadow world, into the real world beyond the veil.

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6 11, 2014

E-Motion: The Movie ~ Watch Online Today


Watch Dr. Joe in E-Motion: The Movie!  Click Here Imagine a world where everyone is manifesting from their heart the perfect creation that’s inside each of us. Imagine a world where abundance, inner peace, longevity and loving relationships abound. Imagine E-motion Experts from around the world sharing their wisdom and negative emotion clearing techniques to light a new pathway for humanity. Imagine we are sacred, spiritual beings here for a much larger reason, serving a much higher purpose, a divine purpose. Click Here to Watch the Movie

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5 11, 2014

Dr. Joe is #1 in Spain!


Congratulations to Dr. Joe "You Are The Placebo" is now the #1 best-selling book in the non-fiction category in Spain as reported in the National Spanish Newspaper...The Vanguardia.  The Spanish version of the book, called El placebo eres tú can be obtained from Amazon.com Here is the link to the online version of the newspaper:  http://www.lavanguardia.com/20141105/54418550319/no-ficcion-castellano.html

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5 11, 2014

Raiders/Ravers/Meditators weekend in Freaky Seattle!


By Ann Killion For Original Article: Click Here A weekend in Seattle is always fun.  The crowd in town this weekend is especially eclectic. As always, there are tons of Seahawks fans – they come from all over the region on game weekends and fill the hotels with their neon green and blue.  There’s a new strut to them this year: a World Championship strut. Then there are the Raiders fans, bless their silver and black hearts.  They are representing themselves well here, despite the 0-7 record and 11 years without a winning record.  The streets of Seattle are full [...]

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