21 11, 2018

Thanksgiving and Authentic Gratitude


At our workshops across the world, we begin each meditation by opening our hearts. When we do this, I always monitor our student’s energy and observe what they are doing. Surprisingly, I often find that it’s very difficult for most people to open their heart and really feel an elevated emotion such as gratitude. It usually takes them a few days to finally be able to fully surrender into the feeling. I was especially mystified by this at our last event on the Sunshine Coast in Australia a few weeks back. It caused me to wonder, why is it so [...]

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9 11, 2018

Moving On and Getting Over Part II


Part II: Getting Over It At the end of any relationship it’s easy to blame the other person, create countless reasons why it didn’t work out, or make it their fault or your own. But when we do this, we are unconsciously returning to our old programs that cause us to be the victim in our life, rather than the creator of it. From an objective biological perspective, this automatic thought process means you are allowing someone or something outside of you to control how you think and how you feel. When it comes to trauma and loss, we have [...]

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