29 02, 2020

Seeing Is Believing


In April 2018, Tillman’s (Til) doctors detected a very aggressive cancer tumor called an anaplastic ependymoma Type 3—a rare, fast-growing tumor that most often occurs in the brain, but it can also occur in the spine. For Til, the tumor was lodged in his spinal cord between two of his vertebrae, causing the vital nerve supply to his lower body to be cut off. The following month, his doctors performed surgery to remove the tumor; however, complications during the operation caused nerve damage. As a result, he lost most of the use of his legs. In addition, the right side [...]

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14 02, 2020

Emotions as Tools of Creation (Part II)


Heart and brain coherence is the process whereby we learn to self-regulate and/or self-emote. This means developing our ability to generate and create emotions from within, rather than waiting for something outside of us to dictate how we feel. When we start using elevated emotions as creative energy, as we get better at the process of generating them, we no longer need to look to (or change) anything in our outer environment for us to feel happy or whole. Instead, we create elevated feelings just for the sake of healing our own heart or creating our own joy. This is [...]

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