30 08, 2018

Creating a New Baseline of Love Begins in the Heart


When we experience traumatic incidents in our lives (or an accumulation of repeated  similar incidents) such as pain, loss, abuse, and so on, the strength of the corresponding emotional quotient turns on a survival center in our brains. That center is called the amygdala. Because the experience was painful, the activation of the amygdala serves to protect us from the situation happening again. In other words, it’s an unconscious response to an external situation designed for self-preservation. The more times you experience the trauma, or revisit on a daily basis the emotions of the suffering caused by it (that is [...]

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4 08, 2017

To Say We Are All Connected Is Not Simply Hyperbole


For many years, our friends and research partners at the HeartMath Institute (an internationally recognized nonprofit research and education organization dedicated to helping people reduce stress, self-regulate emotions, and build energy and resilience for healthy, happy lives) have been studying and investigating how the heart and brain communicate with each other. Conversely, they have also been studying how that affects our consciousness and the way in which we perceive our world. As an example, when we are feeling elevated emotions like gratitude, love, or compassion, the heart beats out a certain message. Because the heart creates the largest electromagnetic field produced in [...]

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27 05, 2017

The Reason Why Kindness Makes Us Happy


I believe a small group of people with compassion and kindness in their hearts can change the world, after all, that’s why we do the work we do. There’s a simple equation that says when you feel better, you treat other people better, and this produces a ripple effect that spreads out to everyone around you. One act of kindness is like dropping a pebble in a pond—the ripple spreads out to everyone and everything around you. The next thing you know, some lily pad in the far corner of the pond gets an uplifting shake and wiggle and it [...]

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1 04, 2017

Accessing the Heart’s Intelligence


From ancient cultures to today, like a thread through the needle of time, the heart appears as a symbol and source of health, wisdom, and intuition. As a symbol, it transcends time, place, and culture, and it’s a commonly accepted that when we are connected to the heart’s inner knowing, it’s wisdom can be used as a source for love and higher, intelligent guidance. Beyond it’s obvious imperative in sustaining life, the heart is not simply a muscle or a physical pump that moves blood throughout our body, but an organ capable of influencing and directing one's emotions, morality, and [...]

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